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Tim Kasher Living Room Show

Published on April 1, 2014 by in Reviews, Shows

Tim Kasher Setlist - Living Room Show, Chicago 4/1/2014The ticket said no alcohol in bold letters, but true to form, Tim Kasher was drinking Modelo from a can when we arrived at an old industrial building in the North Central neighborhood. Tim came home to Chicago to wrap up a 2 week tour of living rooms, and he was all smiles as he crooned drunken love songs to an attentive crowd of 50 at a hidden loft space styled with colorful screen prints.

He slipped between soft fingerpicking and trashing a beat up Gibson acoustic, digging deep into his 20+ year catalog for gems like The Radiator Hums, Rest Your Head, and From the Hips. His pal Patrick Newbery supplied keys, drums, synth and horns to a setlist of fan favorites from Tim’s solo records and “covers” from his favorite bands Cursive and the Good Life. I came a little when he played Driftwood: A Fairy Tale at my request.

Tim on the keys for Notes in His Pocket in Chicago

Tim on the keys for The Recluse

He did interesting arrangements of Notes in His Pocket and the Recluse on the keys and even played drums while singing Cold Love. He joked that he moved to Chicago and just bought a drum set, so if anyone is looking for a drummer…

There were dudes filming the show (possibly from CHIRP Radio?) so maybe some vids will surface in the near future. Look for me – the handsome chap in the background with the smile plastered to his face. They had a huge pile of screen prints from Baker Prints to pick through after the show that you could grab for an anonymous donation to a box. Great show in a really unique spot.

Thanks to John, the host.


The loft pre-show

The loft, pre-show


Cool promo with my record

Cool promo with my record

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