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Tennis @ Lincoln Hall 2/26

Published on March 1, 2012 by in Music, Reviews, Shows

So they didn’t rock my socks off, but it was a solid show. I missed the opening act and showed up at the front end of the Tennis set. Lincoln Hall is always great – it’s just big enough to book legit acts but small enough to show up late and still be able to see. The show was sold out and crowded but I was able to score a pretty good spot by heading immediately to the bar on the floor.

They sounded well rehearsed and played the songs I wanted to hear for the most part. Their levels were set well. Alaina’s voice came through clearly over the rest of the band. She sounded like she does on the albums and I was a bit surprised that she had no backing vocals – just her. No one else in the band even said a word for the entire show. I think maybe the lack of presence from the rest of the band took away from the show a little bit – although Alaina’s pretty cute and sweet. Must be tough on her husband, guitar player Patrick Riley. On several occasions, fans could be heard yelling “we love your hair,” in between songs. He was a good sport about it – like I said, he never made a peep. Maybe he beat up some guys after the show though, I didn’t stick around.

Set highlights:

  • Petition
  • Deep in the Woods
  • Origins

Someone cooler than me snapped a pic of the set list.

Check out some crappy photos I took to validate my attendance…

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Patrick Riley
Alaina Moore

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